Native American Tribes

Native American Tribes on the coast were Bilocchy (Sioux)
Paskagoula and Moctoby (Muskhogean)
E-ca-na-cha-ha “Holy Springs” used for medicinal purposes

European Settlement Period 1699-1811

French Discovery and Settlement 1699-1763

Pierre LeMoyne, Sieur d’Iberville, Commander of expedition

Fort Maurepas

First settlement on the Mississippi Goulf Coast 1700 – 1701
and First capitol of the French Colony of Louisiana

French Logging Camp

c.1750 Yellow pine virgin forests covered the coast

English Settlement 1763 - 1780

Spanish Settlement 1780-1811

Becomes part of Spanish West Florida
Local land purchased by the LaFontaines from Julian Azevedo 1805

Added to the Mississippi Territory 1812

Mississippi Became 20th State 1817

Virgin pine forests were important resources for timber

Steamboats to Ocean Springs 1830

First Churches Established 1830

Development of the springs for tourists 1851 - 1853

First newspapers established 1853

Ocean Springs Hotel opened 1853

Ocean Springs Named 1854

Live Oak Rifles mustered 9/18/1861 as Company A of 3rd regimental infantry

Steamboats resume runs from New Orleans 1866

Railroad Building Begins

Freight and Passenger service opens between Mobile and New Orleans 1870

Numerous outbreaks of Yellow Fever Town quarantined during last epidemic 1897

Chicago Architectural Connection

Louis Sullivan and F.L. Wright build on East Beach as part of land boom 1890

City Incorporates 1892

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