Thank you for considering donating objects or documents in to the Ocean Springs Museum of History. It is through such generosity that our collection of numerous artifacts continues to grow.

Don’t keep history locked away in your attic where it will deteriorate and nobody can see it!

Our exhibit and storage areas provide a secure, climate controlled environment that will help preserve the history of Ocean Springs and its immediate area for future generations. Plus, thousands of visitors learn about our region’s history at the Museum each year. Don’t delay, donate today!

Please see the following Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about donating artifacts. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are we looking for?
Items such as:
Pre 1920 furniture
Old seafood and maritime items
Period clothing
History pertaining to the springs
Authentic postcards
World War I and II objects
Depression, 1940s and 50s
19th cen. Hotel memorabilia
Native American artifacts

Some things in our collection:
Civil war letters
Native American artifacts
Period furniture
Shipwright tools
Historical documents and books
Household items
Old photographs

How do I donate?
It’s easy. Call the Museum 228 818-2878 to set up an appointment.
All items should be pertinent to the history of Ocean Springs or the immediate area.
The Museum collects artifacts and documents that illuminate the diverse social, cultural, economic, political, military, and religious history of Ocean Springs and the surrounding region.

Common, everyday items can also be important, especially if the donor can tell us who used them and when they were used. Similarly, items do not need to be an antique for them to be valuable to our collection.

The Museum rarely has funds to purchase items for the collection, so we rely mostly on donated materials.

We cannot guarantee that any object will go on exhibit. Like most museums, only a small fraction of our collection is on display at any given time.

If you wish to have your item appraised, please do so before giving it to the Museum. Our policy is not to accept gifts with strings attached, such as display requirements. We follow modern museum guidelines prescribed by the American Alliance of Museums.